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  1. 2017
  2. TraMOOC - Translation for Massive Open Online Courses: Recent Developments in Machine Translation

    Sennrich, R., Barone, A. V. M., Moorkens, J., Castilho, S., Way, A., Gaspari, F., Kordoni, V., Egg, M., Popovic, M., Georgakopoulou, Y., Gialama, M. & van Zaanen, M. May 2017 The 20th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewConference contribution

  3. A Picture is Worth More Words Over Time: Multimodality and Narrative Structure Across Eight Decades of American Superhero Comics

    Cohn, N., Taylor, R. & Pederson, K. 20 Apr 2017 In : Multimodal Communication.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  4. Cross-modal representation of spoken and written word meaning in left pars triangularis

    Liuzzi, A. G., Bruffaerts, R., Peeters, R., Adamczuk, K., Keuleers, E., De Deyne, S., Storms, G., Dupont, P. & Vandenberghe, R. 15 Apr 2017 In : Neuroimage. 150, p. 292-307 16 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  5. Generating flexible proper name references in text: Data, models and evaluation

    Castro Ferreira, T., Krahmer, E. & Wubben, S. 1 Apr 2017 Proceedings of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EACL 2017. Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewConference contribution

  6. Epicenters of dynamic connectivity in the adaptation of the ventral visual system

    Prčkovska, V., Huijbers, W., Schultz, A., Ortiz-Teran, L., Peña-Gomez, C., Villoslada, P., Johnson, K., Sperling, R. & Sepulcre, J. Apr 2017 In : Human Brain Mapping. 38, 4, p. 1965-1976 12 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  7. Phases of hyper and hypo connectivity in the Default Mode and Salience networks track with amyloid and Tau in clinically normal individuals

    Schultz, A. P., Chhatwal, J. P., Hedden, T., Mormino, E. C., Hanseeuw, B. J., Sepulcre, J., Huijbers, W., LaPoint, M., Buckley, R. F., Johnson, K. A. & Sperling, R. A. Apr 2017 In : Journal of Neuroscience. 37, 16, p. 4323-4331

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  8. The visual divide

    Maes, A. Apr 2017 In : Nature Climate Change. 7, 4, p. 231-233 3 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  9. Stress Enhances the Memory-Degrading Effects of Eye Movements on Emotionally Neutral Memories

    Littel, M., Remijn, M., Tinga, A., Engelhard, I. & van den Hout, M. 10 Mar 2017 In : Clinical Psychological Science. 5, 2, p. 316-324 9 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  10. Generating natural language descriptions using speaker-dependent information

    Castro Ferreira, T. & Paraboni, I. 27 Feb 2017 In : Natural Language Engineering.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  11. When a hit sounds like a kiss: An electrophysiological exploration of semantic processing in visual narrative

    Manfredi, M., Cohn, N. & Kutas, M. 24 Feb 2017 In : Brain and Language. 169, p. 28-38 11 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

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